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Client:Charlotte CEO of TotalCtrl
Year:2018 to Present

About App Features

TotalCtrl offers a comprehensive solution to address the challenges associated with food waste in restaurants. By digitizing and streamlining manual tasks, TotalCtrl allows restaurants to save both time and money, empowering them to focus on creating exceptional experiences for their guests.

  1. Know what’s in your food inventory at any time: TotalCtrl utilizes an advanced inventory management system to automate and simplify the stock counting process. The system allows restaurant staff to easily input and track inventory levels, reducing the likelihood of human errors.
  2. Use data to streamline your food operations: Learn what enters and leaves your inventory each day so that you can plan and order better. Prevent food waste by buying only what you’re able to use.
    • Monitor key metrics like your monthly Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) and Food Cost Percentage.
    • Also, keep track of important insights like food suppliers having frequent delivery issues, products having price fluctuation and the main reasons behind food waste with the specific products or categories affected.
  3. Automated Alerts: TotalCtrl incorporates automated alert systems to notify restaurant staff of upcoming expiry dates for perishable items. This proactive approach enables timely action, such as adjusting menu offerings, implementing promotions, or donating excess food to reduce waste.
  4. Make your monthly stock count easily:
    • Count the products with their correct measurement units and pricing without struggling with spreadsheets and order notes
    • Receive an auto-generated report to share with your accountant via email.


Restaurants face significant challenges in managing their inventory efficiently, leading to substantial food waste. Manual stock counting processes are time-consuming, prone to errors, and often result in inaccurate data. Additionally, identifying and tracking soon-to-expire food items is a complex task, contributing to unnecessary waste and financial losses.


The ultimate goal was to build and launch a solution for Restaurants in Market. Our primary goal was to create a comprehensive solution for restaurants to minimize food waste through efficient inventory management. This involved extensive research to identify core features such as user sign-up, onboarding, Monthly Stock Count, Weekly Reports, Scheduling Upcoming Orders, Accepting Delivery, and seamless data transfer from the restaurant's inventory to the app. Prioritized UX/UI design, and outlined user flows, ensuring an intuitive and brand-aligned app. To deliver a bug-free product, the end-to-end testing was ongoing and in-house. As a result of the whole effort, the app is already 3+ years in the market, and new features are being developed and launched.



Team & Technology used

  • 1

    Product Owner

  • 1

    Product Designer

  • 2

    Mobile Engineers

  • 2

    Backend Engineers

  • 2

    Frontend Engineer

  • 1

    QA Engineer

  • React NativeReact Native
  • React JSReact JS
  • Node JSNode JS
  • MysqlMysql
  • DockerDocker
  • Millum Public APIs Integration: for auto schedule Orders directly from the supplier
  • Rossum AI Tool for Extracting Orders Receipt
  • ChatGPT for auto-categorization of products
  • AWS TextRect for Extracting Orders Receipt

The excellence in their deliverables and the team's holistic approach leave an indelible mark. Continuously enhancing the product, refining the code, and optimizing workflows showcase their unwavering commitment. Swift resolutions to both personal and work-related challenges underscore their dedication.

Charlotte Aschim , CEO

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