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We're a tech team that loves creating cool software and designs. Our goal? Helping businesses beat the competition and grow like never before! 🚀


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We're a team of experts who've successfully built many products. Our goal is to guide you through from identifying and prioritizing key features to utilizing the latest technologies, we are dedicated to delivering high-quality results that will set your product. With our commitment to delivering high-quality results, you can trust that your idea is in good hands.

Having worked in startups, agencies, and big companies, we've refined our approach to building perfect products. We're happy to share this knowledge with you.
Our vision is about more than just coding; it's about adding value in various expertise areas. We believe in building products people love, and to do that, we focus on having the right team of skilled professionals who are experts in their fields.

Crafting digital solutions that propel startups to rapid growth empowers enterprises to innovate swiftly.

We excel in navigating the fast-paced and challenging digital landscape. With experience in founding startups and driving enterprise innovations, we offer a flexible and creative approach tailored to your unique environment.

Core Principles Shaping HandsTogetherTech

By embracing these core principles, we focus on delivering tangible value and effectively optimizing development costs.

Waste elimination to keep the course set towards the actual value

Highest quality to proactively prevent defects & reworks

Knowledge base foundation to preserve and innovate our best practices

Commitment deference to make solutions flexible

Fast delivery to keep short feedback loops and hold high velocity

Openness and respect towards different perspectives and ideas

Continuous optimization to constantly improve and push our boundaries

Voices of Success

Hear from our pleased clients as they talk about their experiences with the HandsTogether team. We're proud to offer them successful software solutions for their businesses.
Charlotte Aschim
Charlotte Aschim

CEO, TotalCtrl

Every app and software solution developed with Hands Together Tech has shown traction with users and paying clients. The team has been easy to work with, quickly adapting to needs and ensuring on-time deliveries. They have communicated with the client primarily through virtual meetings.

Arshad Ameer
Arshad Ameer

CEO & CO-FOUNDER, Flash Health

HandsTogether Tech help us with building Flash Health app which was outstanding in term of quality of delivery, development and technical solutions provided by team was amazing. I of course enjoyed working with them in building out digital health care platform from the ground up, so even building out components like the telemedicine service, the entire video consultation was built up from scratch. I highly recommend working with HandsTogether and their team. Thank you.

Ricardo Monagas
Ricardo Monagas

CEO & CO-FOUNDER, Uppersky

I've worked with the HandsTogether team for over 6 years. We've built new products together and maintained existing ones. They've been reliable and hardworking, always meeting our goals.